Western Digital, the owner of SanDisk, seeks to continue innovating in the field of data storage in small devices, be they SD memories, hard drives or SSD drives. Last year they presented the first microSD with 1TB capacity, as well as the first 4TB Pendrive, but now they raise the ante by showing us an impressive portable SSD unit with 8TB of storage, the first in the world with these characteristics. Learn more about new devices at generationrwanda.org

Today there are portable SSD units of up to 4TB, but those of 2TB are those that have had a better response from consumers, mainly due to the price. In fact, SanDisk itself offers its Extreme Portable External SSDs of up to 2TB, but now they say they are ready to put 8TB in a light, compact unit that only requires a USB cable.

At the moment it is a prototype

During this CES 2020, SanDisk is showing this 8TB portable SSD unit that at the moment is just a prototype that has no release date or price. If we rely on the price of the 2TB SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD that costs $ 499, it is expected that this 8TB is not cheap.

SanDisk did not offer many details, it is only known that it will have a size and weight slightly higher than its Extreme Portable SSD line. But as for speed, we would be facing an important leap, since they claim that it would have its new SuperSpeed ​​technology, which will allow transfer speeds of up to 20 Gbps. By way of comparison, the Extreme Portable SSD line offers a speed of up to 550 Mbps.

New dual Pendrive (USB-A and USB-C) of 1TB

In addition to the portable 8TB SSD, SanDisk also took advantage of the fair to present its 1TB SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe, a USB-A and USB-C dual-connector Pendrive, where we will only have to turn it 180 degrees to access the We need at that time.

It is made of metal and its size allows transport as if it were a key ring. According to SanDisk, this 1TB Ultra Dual Drive Luxe will go on sale at the end of the third quarter of the year at a price that will be announced later.

This project is by Rafael Bastide, a French artist who collects fonts that are free of rights. So that anyone who wants to can download the fonts for free, use them and modify them without problems.

The name of the page where the font family repository is located is: Use & Modify. There are just over 50 font families that you can download. On the page you will find the following families: With Serif, italic, without Serif and decorative.

The interesting thing about the project is the design of the page. Because you can preview the fonts before downloading them to your computer. You even have the option to write words and immediately all the fonts are modified.

You can also resize fonts, modify the way fonts are displayed, even change the background color of the page. You have two options, black background and white fonts or white background and black fonts.

Repository of Royalty-Free Type Families

If you find a font you like and you want to download it, all you have to do is click on the name of the font. A new window opens, with all the information about the typography, the designer’s information and the type of license. Almost all of them are: SIL Open Font License, 1.1.

You must click on the link that says: Download Page. Depending on the typography, a new window will open where you will find the download link. It may be that the designer of the font has it available on a Behance or Github page.

This is one of those pages that must be saved in a Favorite’s folder in the browser. To have it at hand and use it when you need a typography, and you don’t want to have problems with rights. They are free fonts, but that doesn’t mean they are of poor quality. They are not complete fonts, as premium fonts are. But they’re fonts to use in case of emergency work.

And if you have a family designed by you and you want to share it on the site, you can too. The only thing you have to do is to send the data of the font, by means of the email that you find in the About page of the project.

I have been collecting Instagram accounts from artists, designers, illustrators or people with rare and strange projects. For the same reason, in some cases, they are fun, creative and original accounts. So that you can follow the 16 beads or just the ones that seem the most exotic to you. Then your timeline will be filled with amazing projects. In order to give you an idea of the type of account you will find in the following list, I can tell you that there is a makeup artist. She makes up make-ups so rare that they seem to be made by computer. You also find an account of a girl who travels the world, takes pictures and shares them by Instagram. But the weird thing is the pose in which the girl takes all the pictures. It’s so peculiar that it’s going to make you smile. As well as accounts of artists who work with miniatures, another artist makes psychedelic designs with a kind of mass of colors. And finally I share an account where the administrator shares images documenting violence in Springfield. Accounts with rare and amazing content that you find in Instagram 

1. @threadstories 

The first account on the list is of an artist who takes pictures of models wearing a kind of mask. But they are masks with many colors, textures and whiskers. 

2. @the_wigs_and_makeup_manager 

This Instagram account is from Vanessa Davis, has over a million followers. She is a makeup artist and has some amazing jobs. I recommend that in addition to seeing photos of Vanessa’s work, you also see the videos. Because that’s where the magic happens. 

You can see how the models move their eyes or lips, and every time they do something special happens. 

3. @stefdies 

This account besides getting a smile, sure if you see the girl at the time you take the picture, the same and get a scare. 

Because the artist lies down in the place and takes a picture. It seems that the girl fainted or something bad happens to her. 

4. @bellamcgoldrick 

Bella McGoldrick is an artist who does realistic garbage painting. She finds an old can of peas or a bag of Cheetos and Bella uses them as a reference to make a large scale painting. 

Besides being a painter Bella is also a model, but I think she is better at being a garbage painter. 

5. @whoisomarjr 

Omar Jr does something I don’t like to find on Instagram. He divides photographs into pieces and publishes them individually. If you find one of his photos on your timeline you won’t understand him at all. 

To understand Omar’s account, you have to view it from your browser. That way you’ll realize he’s making an infinite collage. 

6. @shohei_otomo 

Shohei Otomo is a Japanese illustrator, in his Instagram account he publishes many photos of his drawings. But the best are the videos, where you can see how he makes them. 

7. @dronerobert 

In this account what you are going to see are photos of cities in Mexico, taken from a drone. But there are some photos where he uses a second drone, to make drawings in the landscape. 

In other words, a drone with a continuous light flies in circles, while another drone takes a photo with a long exposure. In this way, the drone’s light is seen in the photo as a geometric figure. 

8. @tanaka_tatsuya 

Tatsuya Tanaka is an artist who works with miniatures. He finds ordinary objects that are easy to get at any, home to make a scene with them. 

These are situations where you don’t need to read dialogues to understand what’s going on. That account has just over a million followers. For the quality of photographs published by its owner. 

9. @polymerclayworkshop 

Watching each of the videos published in this account, causes a very strange satisfaction. Because its owner makes designs using polymers of many colors. He mixes many colors and the result is creations full of figures and shapes. 

I think of all the beads recommended today, this is my favorite. 

10. @aakashnihalani 

Aakash Nihalani is a photographer who creates life-size optical illusions. Or at least that’s what you see in the photos she publishes in her Instagram account. They could be miniatures, but it is very difficult to notice, because of the good work that Aakash does. 

11. @xavieraaltena 

Xaviera Altena is an illustrator who is fascinated by the use of striking colors in each of her creations. She has an illustration style that makes her unique. They are illustrations where they only look like women and one or another man, but used as a secondary element. 

12. @pauljacksonlives 

Paul Jackson is an illustrator who works from Toronto, with a style he had not seen before. He draws people coming off his skull. It sounds strange when it comes to explaining, but when you see his drawings, for some strange reason, you find them fascinating. 

13. @cubemelt 

An Instagram account very rare, but at the same time very funny. Because it is the story of an ice cube. All sorts of things happen to that ice cube, some of them very funny. It’s the first and only time I’ve seen an account dedicated to an ice cube. 

14. @sivan.ka 

Sivan Karim a German illustrator with a fascination for women’s hair. Because if there’s one thing that stands out in his illustrations, it’s the detail he dedicates to the hair of the women he draws. 

15. @scenic_simpsons 

And now one of the most original beads I’ve ever seen on Instagram. Someone I suppose with a lot of free time publishes surrealistic images that he finds in episodes of the Simpsons. 

It’s supposed to be a kind of homage to the drawings that someone made and that are only used as background. They are drawings that nobody pays attention to when they observe an episode in the series. 

16. @springfield_violence 

And to finish off this list of 16 beads with weird, extravagant but great content. There is an account dedicated to the moments when there is violence in the episodes of the Simpsons. Again, someone with a lot of free time, looking for a scene of violence, takes a screenshot to share it in the Instagram account.

Xavier Esclusa Trias, a graphic designer who lives and works in Barcelona, Spain, designed a series of posters to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus school. In each poster the designer used graphic elements representative of the Bauhaus. For example, basic colors and shapes, as well as the silhouette of a chair that is so popular that you can find it in offices and homes in all countries.

In Germany and all over the world, the Bauhaus foundation is celebrated. It was Walter Gropius in 1919 when he opened the Statliche Bauhaus or “House of State Construction”. It was a school where architecture, design, crafts and art were taught.

In 1933, the school had to close its doors due to the arrival of the Nazis. The teachers and students went into exile in different countries of the world, taking with them all the knowledge they learned in the school. That is why all over the world there is influence of the Bauhaus. Either in architecture or as shown on one of the posters, in furniture.

Posters to celebrate 100 years of the Bauhaus school

One of the principles of Bauhaus was to make good design accessible to everyone. Anyone regardless of their economic position. It could be made from furniture, lamps, buy a house or apartment influenced by the Bauhaus school.

Not many weeks ago I published an article in which I recommended three very interesting documentaries, in which the whole history of the Bauhaus is spoken of. The documentaries were produced by the international German Broadcasting Service DW – Deutsche Welle.

One of the documentaries talks about how Bauhaus came to Mexico. One of the directors lived in Mexico for many years. Today Bauhaus can be found in shops like IKEA. A shop where you can find furniture with a good design, which are also functional at a very good price. IKEA made the ideals of the Bauhaus its own.

Nowhere did I find a shop where you can buy one of the 5 posters designed by Xavier Esclusa Trias. I imagine he did the posters as a personal project to celebrate the centenary of the Bauhaus.

Two very different but also very creative tattoo styles. The first style is created by an artist who creates tattoos using ASCII code. He makes tattoos of portraits with letters, numbers and punctuation marks.

The second style is made by more than one artist, they make tattoos with an effect that looks like embroidered patches. The difference between the two styles is very obvious, the first uses only one ink color, while on embroidered patch tattoos, there are a lot of colors.

I can imagine that both types of tattoos are very slow to make. ASCII tattoos require letter by letter. While tattoos with embroidery effect, you need to make thread by thread. Different color tone, to give volume and brightness effect.

Tattoos made with ASCII code

The tattoos made with ASCII code reminded me of my high schooldays. In those years, we had to get a mechanical typewriter to make portraits with letters and numbers. It was a very time-consuming task, because you had to press key by key. Capital letters for dark places and numbers or punctuation marks, to create brightness or for light areas.

Nowadays converting any photo into ASCII code is very easy, there are pages where you upload the photo, you wait a couple of seconds for the photo to become ASCII code.

The name of the artist who makes tattoos with ASCII code is; Andreas Vrontis. In his Instagram account, you will find a good number of photos and videos of the tattoos he makes with this technique.

Tattoos with embroidered patch effect

Embroidered patch effect tattoos are made by several artists. Apparently it is a style that is becoming fashionable. And is that the effect is very real, the tattoos really seem to be made with threads of many colors.

With this style of tattoo, you can make all kinds of designs. From tattoos of animals, to tattoos of characters that appear in caricatures.

One of the artists who makes this type of tattoos is from Mexico, called: Pau Oliver. That is why in the designs of his tattoos appear elements that are related to the traditional approach in Mexico.

Duda Lozano is a tattooist who lives in Brazil, the designs of this artist are the ones I like the most. Because the patches/tattoos he makes look very real. It seems like you’re actually seeing an embroidered patch attached to a person’s skin.

Currently, there are several types of posters where each has at its disposal a specific objective to carry a specific message or reach a specific audience. These can be seen along the roads and outside the different local establishments with different messages and styles.

They are also known by poster names and posters, and can be used to show images or words as well as a combination of both. This makes clear the message with which you want to make an impact, where in many occasions it will be for a general public, everything will depend on its content.

Types of posters and main differences between them

What is the function and purpose of posters?

The different types of posters are considered a space mostly of paper, intended to provide information in an informative or educational way. However, they are widely used to inform about a specific event or to provide very specific information through images or words designed to have an impact on society.

The function is to inform, tell or transmit a message, that is to say, in a very concrete way the objective with which this element of communication was created. It is widely used by those who want to disseminate advertising throughout a city in a very economic and traditional, in addition to being a highly effective communication strategy. Sometimes design abstraction is used to represent an idea or an emotion.

The aim of poster types is to reach a large part of the population. It can captivate or persuade this public that does not know certain information, but it can also influence the behavior of consumers who manage to be captured by such images or messages that are mostly advertising.

How many types of posters are there and what are they?

Today there are many types of posters that exist with different objectives and functions. We will talk a little about each of them, being able to know at the same time the difference and similarity that they can find between the different types.

Informative Posters

This poster aims to inform about an activity, course, event or other information that may be of great interest to a part of the population that has access to this communication. The typography to be used should contrast with the background to persuade attention.

Formative Posters

Its function is to teach on a particular subject such as hygiene, safety or cleanliness habits, where you can use words or images as well as a combination of both. Counting with a very short and precise message, they are widely used by the health area, especially in medical offices to inform about the specialty.

Commercial Posters

They are widely used by commercial establishments to promote a particular product, where you want to influence the consumption of customers. It offers an offer in most of the opportunities. They are consumer posters used in real images of the product being promoted, accompanied by a short message.

Political Posters

This type of poster is widely used in political campaigns by candidates, using them to publicize the proposals they have in their candidacy and make it reach the population massively. For this reason, images and messages can be combined in different presentation sizes.

Social Posters

They are used to treat social problems that affect the community such as drugs, alcohol and child abuse or women, using images allusive to the subject. But, unlike the previous ones, this one tends to carry much more extensive messages regarding the topic to be dealt with.

Sports Poster

Within the types of posters are the sports. As its name indicates, it will be intended for sports, either to promote a particular sport or player, or to publicize the place and date of an event to be held with reference to sport. Images are usually used to highlight the particular sport, team or player.

Luminous Posters

As their name suggests, they use lights to make their messages much more eye-catching at night, where they are usually constructed in neon tubes that go inside a plastic casing, allowing them to illuminate in the dark. Generally, lights are used to highlight a specific image or logo, which are almost always placed outside restaurants.

Congress Posters

Other types of posters are those of congresses to inform about a certain event. Here the typography used comes into play and the graphics tend to be in the background. Almost always the colors used in the elaboration of this poster carry a strong relation with the event or place in which it is going to take place.

What’s the informational poster?

One of the types of posters are the informative ones, being one of the most used to give to know information of different origin or purpose. If an event is going to take place in a certain place, this space can be used to give this type of information but in an attractive way, always trying to persuade the audience.

They are widely used throughout the city to publicize a musical concert or event that will be taking place in the city. In addition, images related to the event can be used to help people understand the message or gene. And at the same time make it much more attractive in the sight of those who notice it.

Differences between informative posters and informative posters

There are many differences between the types of posters, but when it comes to news and training the list is extremely broad. When it comes to news as mentioned above. Its objective is to make known certain types of information that may be pleasing to many or to a few but in a persuasive manner.

What are the elements that posters should have?

There are many elements or characteristics that different types of posters can have. However, those that we consider to be the most punctual in order to achieve their objective are:

  • Color.
  • Typography.
  • Visual order.
  • Space.
  • Illustration.
  • Visual Conventionalism.
  • Information.
  • Simplicity.
  • Concordance.
  • All these elements are fundamental to get the message across to a large number of people. In this way, a total capture is achieved and the result is a massive consumption towards a product if it is an advertising one. While if it is an event, massive attendance.

The types of posters are designed to be able to offer different information. Covering the different needs and interests that may have each of the members of a certain community or city. This remembers that the location of the same ones are also part of the strategies to used to obtain the desired results.

On the other hand, the formative despite having a precise message like the above. Its aim is to educate on a particular subject such as personal hygiene, oral hygiene, among others. Also instill values or ethics in society with typical phrases of the community or using recognized characters, giving an example of what should be done.

An anti-drawing machine, whose sole purpose is to make it difficult to create any drawing you try to make on a sheet of paper. Although you can make a drawing on paper, but not the one you intended to make.

Because the machine is programmed to move the sheet of paper randomly. If you wanted to draw a straight line, with the movements of the sheet, surely the line will have a curved shape.

The anti-drawing machine is a kind of artistic installation, because illustrators are invited to make a drawing on the sheet of paper. But at no time are they warned that the paper, without warning, will begin to move.

The reaction of the cartoonists is very funny, because it takes them by surprise. There is a time when illustrators stop fighting with the machine, because they realize that they are not going to defeat it. So they let the paper move, and let the machine/robot do the drawing.

An anti-drawing machine/robot

This anti-drawing machine is a creation of Soonho Kwon. He studied graphic design, game design and physical computing. Soonho uses that knowledge to create all kinds of machines, which are then used by different kinds of companies.

But he also uses his knowledge to make projects for fun. Like this anti-drawing machine. A project that is done for pure entertainment.

Soonho Kwon published on his website, an article where he explains in many details, the whole process of creating his machine. He talks about how he came up with the idea and shows with videos and photos the operation of the machine.

I highly recommend that you go to Soonho Kwon’s website, and take a look at his portfolio. There are very strange projects, such as a bottle full of digital water. Don’t forget to stop by the Fun section, because that’s where he publishes the projects he works on for the fun of it.

This is how you should redesign all the logos that need a new and simplified version. They keep the original identity of the design, but update it so that the graphic identity adapts to the new needs.

The design agency Creuna Norway was in charge of updating the graphic identity and creating a logo for the city of Oslo. The agency took as the basis for the new design, the coat of arms used by the city since 1928.

In the coat of arms appears the image of the patron saint of the city of Oslo: Hallvard. Along with many other elements, for example there is a naked woman lying on the saint’s feet. Hallvard holds a millstone in his right hand, and in his other hand he holds arrows. There are a couple of lions and stars.

In the new logo, elements found in the original coat of arms, such as the blue color, were used. The figure of the saint was also simplified, using basic geometric shapes. Elements of the architecture found in the city of Oslo were also included.

New logo and graphic identity of the City of Oslo

It was already necessary to share in the blog a good redesign of a logo. After having published several company logos, which were not to everyone’s liking. They are logos that sometimes were not better than the original versions.

But in this case it seems to me that the redesign of the logo and the visual identity of the city of Oslo, was a success. I liked how the logo was simplified and I also like the color palette that was used.

Best of all, the city of Oslo published all the details of the new design on a special page. First, for the citizens of the city to know the new identity. And second so that they can download all the components that make up the new identity.

For us graphic designers from other parts of the world, we have the opportunity to know all the details of the new design. For example, the Oslo Sans was designed, a typeface with a good number of versions. If you liked them you can download them for free.

You can also download the illustrations they used for advertising. They are illustrations inspired by the architecture of the city. In the shapes of the buildings and also in their colors.

The page where all the elements of the new graphic identity of the city of Oslo are located is so complete. You can even make an illustration to print on your own coffee or tea cups.

We will have to learn from what is done in other cities in terms of graphic design. When the new identity of the Mexican government was introduced, it did not provide designers with basic elements such as the GMX typeface family.

I found the typeface because a user shared it in the comments. In order not to lose the file, I uploaded it to my Dropbox account, where anyone can download the typography. According to the statistics, it has already been downloaded more than 500 times.

So I recommend that you go to the page and see all the contents of a good graphic identity. If you don’t know Dutch it doesn’t matter, because the page is so well-designed, you don’t even need to read the instructions or justifications.

With a great skill in photography and a twisted but interesting imagination, the photographer Christopher McKenney creates incredible scenarios that cause a chill in the neck and makes us wake up the most morbid of our being.

Christopher McKenney is a Pennsylvania conceptual artist specializing in surreal horror photography. And he is also known for his live concert photography along with his ability to capture his concepts.

Christopher’s photography is extremely mesmerizing, catching you at all times with elements that give an active placement effect.

But what stands out most is that effect of absence, of incognito, where showing only a part of something makes us imagine and create the rest of the story. An effect that has been used in films such as Jaws (JAWS), where the feared shark was never seen in its entirety, thus increasing the effect of terror and suspense, leaving the viewer to imagine how terrible it could be.

“I like to hide identity when I take photographs and let people reflect. My intention in taking the photos I do is only to express myself and what others see or think is up to you, as long as you get them to feel something I’m already satisfied”.
-Christopher McKenney.

One thing that caught my attention is the excellent set of elements he uses for his photographs. Of which the use of the sheets stands out, which can be mostly white or red;

– Making these highlight the feeling and emotion of the photograph – .

And there is no doubt that his photographs are the living reflection of terror, since in most of them we can appreciate heartbreaking facial expressions, metrical scenarios (most of his city) and quiet situations accompanied by objects that burst into overwhelming chaos.

They even come to be rosy with the supernatural, showing strange situations and taken from our worst nightmares, awakening even more that fear for the unknown and that makes us fall into a limbo which tears and freezes all the fiber of our being.

If you would like to know more about Christopher’s surreal and gloomy work, we share with you his official website and his Instagram, where in the latter you can appreciate his most recent works.

Kitt Bennett is an artist who specializes in painting monumental murals, but on unusual surfaces. For example, he paints on the pavement of a parking lot, in skating parks, or on the roof of a building. 

These murals can only be fully appreciated from the heights. If you’re walking in the parking lot, you’re only going to see pieces of paint that don’t make sense. 

That’s why Kitt Bennett’s work is so great. Because while she’s painting the mural. He has no way of seeing if he’s doing it right. I’ll explain: when you paint on a wall, you can go back to see if what you’re painting is looking good. If it doesn’t look good, you have the option to go back and rectify. 

Which Kitt can’t do when he paints a mural in the parking lot. There’s no way to go back, to see how the painting looks. You may use a Dron or go up to a nearby building to see your mural. 

Monumental murals painted on rooftops, parks, courts and parking lots 
I can imagine that it is not at all easy to paint a mural of such large dimensions, because of the question of the proportions of the characters that Kitt Bennet paints. It also takes many days to finish a mural. 

Thanks to a video he published in his Instagram account, we can see the whole process of creating a mural painted on the pavement of a parking lot. 

He begins by painting the contours of a young man in a jacket and jeans, who is lying down. Then Kitt adds paint plates of different colors. At the end she applies dark and white colors to create the illusion of shadows and volumes. 

If I already liked the murals when I saw them in photos, now watching the video of his creation, I like them even more. Because you can see that the artist does not use templates to paint. Kitt uses a roller with paint and in the act he paints as he sees fit. 

An Instagram account to follow, because there is a good amount of published material. There is no day when you don’t upload a video or a photo.