16 unusual projects that you can find in Instagram

I have been collecting Instagram accounts from artists, designers, illustrators or people with rare and strange projects. For the same reason, in some cases, they are fun, creative and original accounts. So that you can follow the 16 beads or just the ones that seem the most exotic to you. Then your timeline will be filled with amazing projects. In order to give you an idea of the type of account you will find in the following list, I can tell you that there is a makeup artist. She makes up make-ups so rare that they seem to be made by computer. You also find an account of a girl who travels the world, takes pictures and shares them by Instagram. But the weird thing is the pose in which the girl takes all the pictures. It’s so peculiar that it’s going to make you smile. As well as accounts of artists who work with miniatures, another artist makes psychedelic designs with a kind of mass of colors. And finally I share an account where the administrator shares images documenting violence in Springfield. Accounts with rare and amazing content that you find in Instagram 

1. @threadstories 

The first account on the list is of an artist who takes pictures of models wearing a kind of mask. But they are masks with many colors, textures and whiskers. 

2. @the_wigs_and_makeup_manager 

This Instagram account is from Vanessa Davis, has over a million followers. She is a makeup artist and has some amazing jobs. I recommend that in addition to seeing photos of Vanessa’s work, you also see the videos. Because that’s where the magic happens. 

You can see how the models move their eyes or lips, and every time they do something special happens. 

3. @stefdies 

This account besides getting a smile, sure if you see the girl at the time you take the picture, the same and get a scare. 

Because the artist lies down in the place and takes a picture. It seems that the girl fainted or something bad happens to her. 

4. @bellamcgoldrick 

Bella McGoldrick is an artist who does realistic garbage painting. She finds an old can of peas or a bag of Cheetos and Bella uses them as a reference to make a large scale painting. 

Besides being a painter Bella is also a model, but I think she is better at being a garbage painter. 

5. @whoisomarjr 

Omar Jr does something I don’t like to find on Instagram. He divides photographs into pieces and publishes them individually. If you find one of his photos on your timeline you won’t understand him at all. 

To understand Omar’s account, you have to view it from your browser. That way you’ll realize he’s making an infinite collage. 

6. @shohei_otomo 

Shohei Otomo is a Japanese illustrator, in his Instagram account he publishes many photos of his drawings. But the best are the videos, where you can see how he makes them. 

7. @dronerobert 

In this account what you are going to see are photos of cities in Mexico, taken from a drone. But there are some photos where he uses a second drone, to make drawings in the landscape. 

In other words, a drone with a continuous light flies in circles, while another drone takes a photo with a long exposure. In this way, the drone’s light is seen in the photo as a geometric figure. 

8. @tanaka_tatsuya 

Tatsuya Tanaka is an artist who works with miniatures. He finds ordinary objects that are easy to get at any, home to make a scene with them. 

These are situations where you don’t need to read dialogues to understand what’s going on. That account has just over a million followers. For the quality of photographs published by its owner. 

9. @polymerclayworkshop 

Watching each of the videos published in this account, causes a very strange satisfaction. Because its owner makes designs using polymers of many colors. He mixes many colors and the result is creations full of figures and shapes. 

I think of all the beads recommended today, this is my favorite. 

10. @aakashnihalani 

Aakash Nihalani is a photographer who creates life-size optical illusions. Or at least that’s what you see in the photos she publishes in her Instagram account. They could be miniatures, but it is very difficult to notice, because of the good work that Aakash does. 

11. @xavieraaltena 

Xaviera Altena is an illustrator who is fascinated by the use of striking colors in each of her creations. She has an illustration style that makes her unique. They are illustrations where they only look like women and one or another man, but used as a secondary element. 

12. @pauljacksonlives 

Paul Jackson is an illustrator who works from Toronto, with a style he had not seen before. He draws people coming off his skull. It sounds strange when it comes to explaining, but when you see his drawings, for some strange reason, you find them fascinating. 

13. @cubemelt 

An Instagram account very rare, but at the same time very funny. Because it is the story of an ice cube. All sorts of things happen to that ice cube, some of them very funny. It’s the first and only time I’ve seen an account dedicated to an ice cube. 

14. @sivan.ka 

Sivan Karim a German illustrator with a fascination for women’s hair. Because if there’s one thing that stands out in his illustrations, it’s the detail he dedicates to the hair of the women he draws. 

15. @scenic_simpsons 

And now one of the most original beads I’ve ever seen on Instagram. Someone I suppose with a lot of free time publishes surrealistic images that he finds in episodes of the Simpsons. 

It’s supposed to be a kind of homage to the drawings that someone made and that are only used as background. They are drawings that nobody pays attention to when they observe an episode in the series. 

16. @springfield_violence 

And to finish off this list of 16 beads with weird, extravagant but great content. There is an account dedicated to the moments when there is violence in the episodes of the Simpsons. Again, someone with a lot of free time, looking for a scene of violence, takes a screenshot to share it in the Instagram account.