Christopher McKenney – A photographer of terror and the surreal

With a great skill in photography and a twisted but interesting imagination, the photographer Christopher McKenney creates incredible scenarios that cause a chill in the neck and makes us wake up the most morbid of our being.

Christopher McKenney is a Pennsylvania conceptual artist specializing in surreal horror photography. And he is also known for his live concert photography along with his ability to capture his concepts.

Christopher’s photography is extremely mesmerizing, catching you at all times with elements that give an active placement effect.

But what stands out most is that effect of absence, of incognito, where showing only a part of something makes us imagine and create the rest of the story. An effect that has been used in films such as Jaws (JAWS), where the feared shark was never seen in its entirety, thus increasing the effect of terror and suspense, leaving the viewer to imagine how terrible it could be.

“I like to hide identity when I take photographs and let people reflect. My intention in taking the photos I do is only to express myself and what others see or think is up to you, as long as you get them to feel something I’m already satisfied”.
-Christopher McKenney.

One thing that caught my attention is the excellent set of elements he uses for his photographs. Of which the use of the sheets stands out, which can be mostly white or red;

– Making these highlight the feeling and emotion of the photograph – .

And there is no doubt that his photographs are the living reflection of terror, since in most of them we can appreciate heartbreaking facial expressions, metrical scenarios (most of his city) and quiet situations accompanied by objects that burst into overwhelming chaos.

They even come to be rosy with the supernatural, showing strange situations and taken from our worst nightmares, awakening even more that fear for the unknown and that makes us fall into a limbo which tears and freezes all the fiber of our being.

If you would like to know more about Christopher’s surreal and gloomy work, we share with you his official website and his Instagram, where in the latter you can appreciate his most recent works.