Painted murals on parking lot paving and rooftops

Kitt Bennett is an artist who specializes in painting monumental murals, but on unusual surfaces. For example, he paints on the pavement of a parking lot, in skating parks, or on the roof of a building. 

These murals can only be fully appreciated from the heights. If you’re walking in the parking lot, you’re only going to see pieces of paint that don’t make sense. 

That’s why Kitt Bennett’s work is so great. Because while she’s painting the mural. He has no way of seeing if he’s doing it right. I’ll explain: when you paint on a wall, you can go back to see if what you’re painting is looking good. If it doesn’t look good, you have the option to go back and rectify. 

Which Kitt can’t do when he paints a mural in the parking lot. There’s no way to go back, to see how the painting looks. You may use a Dron or go up to a nearby building to see your mural. 

Monumental murals painted on rooftops, parks, courts and parking lots 
I can imagine that it is not at all easy to paint a mural of such large dimensions, because of the question of the proportions of the characters that Kitt Bennet paints. It also takes many days to finish a mural. 

Thanks to a video he published in his Instagram account, we can see the whole process of creating a mural painted on the pavement of a parking lot. 

He begins by painting the contours of a young man in a jacket and jeans, who is lying down. Then Kitt adds paint plates of different colors. At the end she applies dark and white colors to create the illusion of shadows and volumes. 

If I already liked the murals when I saw them in photos, now watching the video of his creation, I like them even more. Because you can see that the artist does not use templates to paint. Kitt uses a roller with paint and in the act he paints as he sees fit. 

An Instagram account to follow, because there is a good amount of published material. There is no day when you don’t upload a video or a photo.