Tattoos made with ASCII code and tattoos that look like embroidered patches

Two very different but also very creative tattoo styles. The first style is created by an artist who creates tattoos using ASCII code. He makes tattoos of portraits with letters, numbers and punctuation marks.

The second style is made by more than one artist, they make tattoos with an effect that looks like embroidered patches. The difference between the two styles is very obvious, the first uses only one ink color, while on embroidered patch tattoos, there are a lot of colors.

I can imagine that both types of tattoos are very slow to make. ASCII tattoos require letter by letter. While tattoos with embroidery effect, you need to make thread by thread. Different color tone, to give volume and brightness effect.

Tattoos made with ASCII code

The tattoos made with ASCII code reminded me of my high schooldays. In those years, we had to get a mechanical typewriter to make portraits with letters and numbers. It was a very time-consuming task, because you had to press key by key. Capital letters for dark places and numbers or punctuation marks, to create brightness or for light areas.

Nowadays converting any photo into ASCII code is very easy, there are pages where you upload the photo, you wait a couple of seconds for the photo to become ASCII code.

The name of the artist who makes tattoos with ASCII code is; Andreas Vrontis. In his Instagram account, you will find a good number of photos and videos of the tattoos he makes with this technique.

Tattoos with embroidered patch effect

Embroidered patch effect tattoos are made by several artists. Apparently it is a style that is becoming fashionable. And is that the effect is very real, the tattoos really seem to be made with threads of many colors.

With this style of tattoo, you can make all kinds of designs. From tattoos of animals, to tattoos of characters that appear in caricatures.

One of the artists who makes this type of tattoos is from Mexico, called: Pau Oliver. That is why in the designs of his tattoos appear elements that are related to the traditional approach in Mexico.

Duda Lozano is a tattooist who lives in Brazil, the designs of this artist are the ones I like the most. Because the patches/tattoos he makes look very real. It seems like you’re actually seeing an embroidered patch attached to a person’s skin.