The city of Oslo presents a new simple and elegant logo

This is how you should redesign all the logos that need a new and simplified version. They keep the original identity of the design, but update it so that the graphic identity adapts to the new needs.

The design agency Creuna Norway was in charge of updating the graphic identity and creating a logo for the city of Oslo. The agency took as the basis for the new design, the coat of arms used by the city since 1928.

In the coat of arms appears the image of the patron saint of the city of Oslo: Hallvard. Along with many other elements, for example there is a naked woman lying on the saint’s feet. Hallvard holds a millstone in his right hand, and in his other hand he holds arrows. There are a couple of lions and stars.

In the new logo, elements found in the original coat of arms, such as the blue color, were used. The figure of the saint was also simplified, using basic geometric shapes. Elements of the architecture found in the city of Oslo were also included.

New logo and graphic identity of the City of Oslo

It was already necessary to share in the blog a good redesign of a logo. After having published several company logos, which were not to everyone’s liking. They are logos that sometimes were not better than the original versions.

But in this case it seems to me that the redesign of the logo and the visual identity of the city of Oslo, was a success. I liked how the logo was simplified and I also like the color palette that was used.

Best of all, the city of Oslo published all the details of the new design on a special page. First, for the citizens of the city to know the new identity. And second so that they can download all the components that make up the new identity.

For us graphic designers from other parts of the world, we have the opportunity to know all the details of the new design. For example, the Oslo Sans was designed, a typeface with a good number of versions. If you liked them you can download them for free.

You can also download the illustrations they used for advertising. They are illustrations inspired by the architecture of the city. In the shapes of the buildings and also in their colors.

The page where all the elements of the new graphic identity of the city of Oslo are located is so complete. You can even make an illustration to print on your own coffee or tea cups.

We will have to learn from what is done in other cities in terms of graphic design. When the new identity of the Mexican government was introduced, it did not provide designers with basic elements such as the GMX typeface family.

I found the typeface because a user shared it in the comments. In order not to lose the file, I uploaded it to my Dropbox account, where anyone can download the typography. According to the statistics, it has already been downloaded more than 500 times.

So I recommend that you go to the page and see all the contents of a good graphic identity. If you don’t know Dutch it doesn’t matter, because the page is so well-designed, you don’t even need to read the instructions or justifications.