This machine only has one purpose, not to let you draw a picture.

An anti-drawing machine, whose sole purpose is to make it difficult to create any drawing you try to make on a sheet of paper. Although you can make a drawing on paper, but not the one you intended to make.

Because the machine is programmed to move the sheet of paper randomly. If you wanted to draw a straight line, with the movements of the sheet, surely the line will have a curved shape.

The anti-drawing machine is a kind of artistic installation, because illustrators are invited to make a drawing on the sheet of paper. But at no time are they warned that the paper, without warning, will begin to move.

The reaction of the cartoonists is very funny, because it takes them by surprise. There is a time when illustrators stop fighting with the machine, because they realize that they are not going to defeat it. So they let the paper move, and let the machine/robot do the drawing.

An anti-drawing machine/robot

This anti-drawing machine is a creation of Soonho Kwon. He studied graphic design, game design and physical computing. Soonho uses that knowledge to create all kinds of machines, which are then used by different kinds of companies.

But he also uses his knowledge to make projects for fun. Like this anti-drawing machine. A project that is done for pure entertainment.

Soonho Kwon published on his website, an article where he explains in many details, the whole process of creating his machine. He talks about how he came up with the idea and shows with videos and photos the operation of the machine.

I highly recommend that you go to Soonho Kwon’s website, and take a look at his portfolio. There are very strange projects, such as a bottle full of digital water. Don’t forget to stop by the Fun section, because that’s where he publishes the projects he works on for the fun of it.