Types of posters and differences between formative and informative

Currently, there are several types of posters where each has at its disposal a specific objective to carry a specific message or reach a specific audience. These can be seen along the roads and outside the different local establishments with different messages and styles.

They are also known by poster names and posters, and can be used to show images or words as well as a combination of both. This makes clear the message with which you want to make an impact, where in many occasions it will be for a general public, everything will depend on its content.

Types of posters and main differences between them

What is the function and purpose of posters?

The different types of posters are considered a space mostly of paper, intended to provide information in an informative or educational way. However, they are widely used to inform about a specific event or to provide very specific information through images or words designed to have an impact on society.

The function is to inform, tell or transmit a message, that is to say, in a very concrete way the objective with which this element of communication was created. It is widely used by those who want to disseminate advertising throughout a city in a very economic and traditional, in addition to being a highly effective communication strategy. Sometimes design abstraction is used to represent an idea or an emotion.

The aim of poster types is to reach a large part of the population. It can captivate or persuade this public that does not know certain information, but it can also influence the behavior of consumers who manage to be captured by such images or messages that are mostly advertising.

How many types of posters are there and what are they?

Today there are many types of posters that exist with different objectives and functions. We will talk a little about each of them, being able to know at the same time the difference and similarity that they can find between the different types.

Informative Posters

This poster aims to inform about an activity, course, event or other information that may be of great interest to a part of the population that has access to this communication. The typography to be used should contrast with the background to persuade attention.

Formative Posters

Its function is to teach on a particular subject such as hygiene, safety or cleanliness habits, where you can use words or images as well as a combination of both. Counting with a very short and precise message, they are widely used by the health area, especially in medical offices to inform about the specialty.

Commercial Posters

They are widely used by commercial establishments to promote a particular product, where you want to influence the consumption of customers. It offers an offer in most of the opportunities. They are consumer posters used in real images of the product being promoted, accompanied by a short message.

Political Posters

This type of poster is widely used in political campaigns by candidates, using them to publicize the proposals they have in their candidacy and make it reach the population massively. For this reason, images and messages can be combined in different presentation sizes.

Social Posters

They are used to treat social problems that affect the community such as drugs, alcohol and child abuse or women, using images allusive to the subject. But, unlike the previous ones, this one tends to carry much more extensive messages regarding the topic to be dealt with.

Sports Poster

Within the types of posters are the sports. As its name indicates, it will be intended for sports, either to promote a particular sport or player, or to publicize the place and date of an event to be held with reference to sport. Images are usually used to highlight the particular sport, team or player.

Luminous Posters

As their name suggests, they use lights to make their messages much more eye-catching at night, where they are usually constructed in neon tubes that go inside a plastic casing, allowing them to illuminate in the dark. Generally, lights are used to highlight a specific image or logo, which are almost always placed outside restaurants.

Congress Posters

Other types of posters are those of congresses to inform about a certain event. Here the typography used comes into play and the graphics tend to be in the background. Almost always the colors used in the elaboration of this poster carry a strong relation with the event or place in which it is going to take place.

What’s the informational poster?

One of the types of posters are the informative ones, being one of the most used to give to know information of different origin or purpose. If an event is going to take place in a certain place, this space can be used to give this type of information but in an attractive way, always trying to persuade the audience.

They are widely used throughout the city to publicize a musical concert or event that will be taking place in the city. In addition, images related to the event can be used to help people understand the message or gene. And at the same time make it much more attractive in the sight of those who notice it.

Differences between informative posters and informative posters

There are many differences between the types of posters, but when it comes to news and training the list is extremely broad. When it comes to news as mentioned above. Its objective is to make known certain types of information that may be pleasing to many or to a few but in a persuasive manner.

What are the elements that posters should have?

There are many elements or characteristics that different types of posters can have. However, those that we consider to be the most punctual in order to achieve their objective are:

  • Color.
  • Typography.
  • Visual order.
  • Space.
  • Illustration.
  • Visual Conventionalism.
  • Information.
  • Simplicity.
  • Concordance.
  • All these elements are fundamental to get the message across to a large number of people. In this way, a total capture is achieved and the result is a massive consumption towards a product if it is an advertising one. While if it is an event, massive attendance.

The types of posters are designed to be able to offer different information. Covering the different needs and interests that may have each of the members of a certain community or city. This remembers that the location of the same ones are also part of the strategies to used to obtain the desired results.

On the other hand, the formative despite having a precise message like the above. Its aim is to educate on a particular subject such as personal hygiene, oral hygiene, among others. Also instill values or ethics in society with typical phrases of the community or using recognized characters, giving an example of what should be done.